OVER THE LAST WEEK, HOW many days/nights has...

Note: This test is for people who have been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis .3

Q1 ...your skin been itchy because of the eczema?

Q2 ...your sleep been disturbed because of the eczema?

Q3 ...your skin been bleeding because of the eczema?

Q4 ...your skin been weeping or oozing clear fluid because of the eczema?

Q5 ...your skin been cracked because of the eczema?

Q6 ...your skin been flaking off because of the eczema?

Q7 ...your skin felt dry or rough because of the eczema?



What does your score mean?

Total score


POEM scores are categorized into five bands, where a higher score represents a more severe condition of atopic dermatitis .3,5
  • 0 to 2
    • Clear or almost clear
  • 3 to 7
    • Mild
  • 8 to 16
    • Moderate
  • 17 to 24
    • Severe
  • 25 to 28
    • Very severe

Treatment options that may be suitable

This test could be repeated and used to monitor your condition during treatment .3

Your POEM score is expected to improve as your disease resolves and your quality of life improves .3

Now that you know more about your atopic dermatitis, share your results with your doctor at your next visit. Your doctor can better understand your condition and provide an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Treatment options may vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of their atopic dermatitis .1 Current treatment recommendations include routine skin care and topical treatments for people with mild atopic dermatitis, while additional systemic treatments are recommended for those with severe atopic dermatitis .1 Consult your doctor for more information.


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